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  • How do I book tickets?

    1. Order your tickets via this website or the hotline: 0049 (0)1806 502 501 (0.20 €/call German landlines, max. 0.60 €/mobile call).

    2. Your request will be processed in our customer care centre and if the desired product is available, you will receive a confirmation including invoice by mail or e-Mail.

    3. If the desired accommodation is no longer available, you will be notified immediately.

    4. After receiving the order confirmation, please transfer the amount invoiced to the stated bank account. With the successful transfer, your booking is considered confirmed.

    5. On the festival weekend, you will be able to contact the reception of Weissenhaeuser Strand at 3pm on Friday. All registered guests will receive their key and the admission wristband for the festival.

  • Order tickets online

    If you want to order your ticket online, you may easily do it here on our website. Click on the preferred accommodation, fill out the booking form and continue with "send". On the next page, please confirm your booking request once again. Only with this confirmation your data will be recorded by our system and can now be processed by our booking system. After confirming your request, you will receive a confirmation by mail or e-Mail.

  • Do we need to book an entire apartment for our ticket order or is it possible to order only one or two festival tickets? In that case, would the apartment be assigned to me?

    The apartments are only completely let. It is not intended that each other unknown festival visitors will be accommodated in the same apartment. On our Facebook page, we have set up a “Roommate Search Bank” which supports you if needed, to find like-minded people for creating your own Metal Hammer Paradise flat-sharing community!

  • How much is the booking fee?

    We charge a booking fee of € 25.00 per apartment.

  • Do I have to pay visitors’ tax?

    The Weissenhaeuser Strand charges a visitor’s tax of € 1.00 per person per night.

  • Can I change an effected booking?

    In general, a confirmed booking can be modified. For administrative expenses, we charge a fee of € 10.00 per rebooking.

  • How do I pay for my tickets?

    The payment of the tickets is made on account. The ticket price is due for payment in full within 14 days of receipt of the invoice. In the period of 20 days before the beginning of the festival, the total amount is due immediately after registration.

  • May I cancel my reservation?

    The return of purchased Metal Hammer Paradise tickets, concluded by sending the order confirmation by mail or e-mail, requires our written consent. If this is not the case, the ticket price must be paid even if you do not utilise the full contractual services or even partially. If, after the written consent of the promoter, a cancellation should be made, the following conditions apply:

    For cancellations of the contract up to 30 days before date of commencement, a processing fee for the cancellation of the apartment / hotel room in the amount of € 20.00 as well as 20% of the accommodation fee is due, in addition to the non-refundable, annual ticket share per person. In case of subsequent termination up to 15 days before date of commencement, 60% will be due. From the 14th to the 3rd day before date of commencement, 80% will be due. Afterwards, until the day of commencement, 95% of the apartment stake of the contract amount are payable. In the case of no-show or early departure, the tenant has no claim for

    compensation for not occupied rental days. The tenant is explicitly free to prove that the lessor has not incurred any damage due to the non-arrival or the cancellation or that the damage is less than the applicable cancellation fee or the retained rent.

  • Where can I find the complete terms and conditions?

    You can find the complete terms and conditions here.

  • What happens if a category is fully booked?

    If a booking category is sold out, a waiting list is kept. You will be notified immediately if your order can not be booked successfully.

  • If a category is completely booked, do I automatically get a larger apartment at the same price?

    If it appears that the larger apartments won’t be sold out, it will be decided if they might be offered to the prospective customers on the waiting list at the same terms and conditions as the smaller ones.

  • Why do I have to pay the price for four adults if I have a baby or toddler under 6 years old with me and am therefore actually travelling with five people?

    We would like you to experience the Metal Hammer Paradise as a family and bring your children along. For this reason, babies and young children under the age of 6 have free admission. Please be aware that children under 6 years are not allowed to be taken to the venues during musical performances and concerts. The child does not need to pay anything and thus is not included in the list of paying persons. Thence, despite the fact that a baby or young child is travelling with the four adults, the adults pay only the price for their journey.

  • From what age do children and adolescents need a ticket?

    Children from the age of 6 and older need their own ticket to join the festival. Children under 6 years can be taken free of charge in the holiday resort. Children under the age of 6 are not allowed to be taken to the venues during musical performances and concerts. Apart from this, the participation of children and adolescents in the event is determined by their legal guardians based on the legal guardians’ rights and custody in consideration of the German Act on Protection of Youth. According to the German Civil Code (BGB), the legal guardians have the duty and the right to care for the minor child (under 18 years). Furthermore, the restrictions on the dispensing and consumption of alcoholic beverages as well as the distribution of tobacco products and smoking apply. In case of a lawful inspection of the protection of minors, drunk or smoking children and adolescents can be sent home. We do not request personal data from children and adolescents, do not collect them and do not share them with third parties.

  • Are there weekend tickets without accommodation?

    Tickets without overnight stay can be booked via the ticket shop on the website.

  • Do I have access to the waterpark (Bathing Paradise) or Jungle Land with my day ticket?

    Access to the Bathing Paradise is included for weekend visitors, day guests need to pay the respective entrance fee to the Bathing Paradise. For a small surcharge of € 6 per person per day, Metal Hammer Paradise guests with a festival pass for the entire weekend (festival pass) may also visit the Jungle Land. The day pass does not include a discount on the entrance for the Jungle Land.

  • Does my day pass include free parking?

    Guests with tickets without accommodation can pay a discounted rate of € 6.00 per day and vehicle at the Weissenhäuser Strand parking lot.

  • Are VIP tickets available?

    Yes, there is a limited number of VIP tickets. Please find more information about the VIP packages here.

  • Which discounts are available on tickets incl. accommodation?
    • In case you have attended the festival last time (festival pass with overnight stay), then you don’t pay a booking fee (€ 25.00) for the next time. To do this, you must enter your booking number from the previous year when ordering the ticket and the name of the person making the booking must match.
    • Print subscribers to Metal Hammer magazine receive a subscription discount of €15 per guest.
    • Children under 6 years of age receive free entry but are not allowed to be taken into the event venues.
    • Children aged 6 to 12 receive a 60% discount.
    • Children aged 13 to 15 receive a 30% discount.
  • When is the final timetable expected to be online?

    We will be happy to inform you in good time via our newsletter. Sign up for the newsletter here.

  • Is there a shuttle service to nearby cities Kiel / Oldenburg?

    At the train station in Oldenburg / Holstein you are offered the possibility to get to Weissenhaeuser Strand by public transportation, by taxi or by our guest-service: via the hotline you may book a taxi (at least 24 hours in advance). The taxi will be ready for departure at the appointed time at the train station. You can pay this taxi ride conveniently at the front desk at check-in. This guest service charges € 10.00 per person.

  • Is it possible to arrive with a caravan or to bring a tent?

    On site there is unfortunately no possibility to set up a caravan or a tent.

  • When can I arrive?

    On the day of arrival, you can move into the rented property from 15:00 o'clock at the latest. We endeavour to provide the accommodations as early as possible. If your accommodation is not yet available at an earlier arrival than 15:00 o'clock on the day of arrival, you will receive the festival wristband and festival information in any case. You are welcome to use the event area and other amenities of the holiday resort and will be informed by SMS / telephone when your accommodation is ready for occupancy. The collection of the room key is made via the Fast Lane - additional waiting times are therefore eliminated as far as possible.

  • When do I have to depart?

    On the day of departure, the rented property is to be made available and the key to be returned at the reception by 12:00 o'clock (exceptions until 14:00 o'clock are to be requested at the reception on arrival or during the stay).

  • I have a special need. Is the festival accessible?

    Please find information regarding accessibility here.

  • Is there a beverage policy for the festival area?

    It is not allowed to take glasses / glass bottles / glass vessels or any other beverage containers – neither filled nor empty - (e. g. cans, tetra paks) to the gallery (Galeria). Official festival cups – either filled or empty – (deposit cup) may be taken to the gallery (Galeria) as well as to the event venues at any time.

  • What other items are banned from the event venues?
    • glass bottles / glass containers
    • firearms, cutting and thrust weapons as well as weapons of all sorts
    • saws, axes, hatchets, and comparable tools
    • fireworks, sparklers, star throwers and pyrotechnic objects of all sorts (including Bengal fireworks)
    • chairs, seating furniture & equipment (e.g. Styrofoam cubes)
    • recording devices: professional sound, photo, and video equipment
    • animals of all sorts
    • bulky items like flagpoles, selfie sticks, large umbrellas, motorbike helmets


  • Where can I purchase hearing protection?

    The volume in the event venues, especially right in front of the PA towers, is higher than you are used to from everyday noise level. Over a long period of time, the volume can be harmful. Therefore, we recommend wearing earplugs (available at the merchandise stand) and breaks for your ears by regularly changing your position. For all children (age 6 to 15), the wearing of audited and certified hearing protection is strongly recommended.

  • Found no answer to your question?

    Found no answer to your question? Then ask us via the contact form. We will answer your query as soon as possible.

  • Is it possible to extend my stay beyond the weekend?

    Yes, you are welcome to extend your stay at Weissenhaeuser Strand. Please find the prices for additional overnight stays here:

    Accomodation THU to FRI  All other nights
    before the festival (15% off)
    1-Room Park / Land (20qm) 79 € 72 €
    1-Room Park / See (20qm) 85 € 77 €
    1-Room Dorfplatz (21qm) 73 € 66 €
    1-Room Düne / Land (25qm) 77 € 70 €
    1-Room Düne / See (25qm) 83 € 75 €
    1-Room Düne / Land (32qm) 81 € 74 €
    1-Room Düne / See (32qm) 87 € 79 €
    2-Room Park / Land (40qm) 123 € 112 €
    2-Room Park / See (40qm) 134 € 122 €
    2-Room Luv/Lee (41qm) 124 € 113 €
    2-Room Dorfplatz (43 qm) 108 € 98 €
    3-Room Park / Land (60qm) 153 € 139 €
    3-Room Park / See (60qm) 169 € 154 €
    3-Room Luv/Lee (61qm) 164 € 149 €
    3-Room Wald (64qm) 171 € 155 €
    3-Room Penthouse (70qm) 177 € 161 €
    3-Room Düne (75qm) 172 € 156 €
    4-Room Garten (80qm) 211 € 192 €
    Bungalow (44 qm) 119 € 108 €
    Bungalow (44 qm) - renovated 152 € 138 €
    Bungalow (91 qm) 216 € 196 €
    Double Bedroom Hotel Standard (Breakfast) 144 € 131 €
    Double Bedroom Hotel Standard (Breakfast) - renovated 177 € 161 €
    Double Bedroom Hotel Wald (Breakfast) 160 € 145 €
    Double Bedroom Hotel See (Breakfast) 171 € 155 €

    You can book your entire stay online via our booking tool or you may contact directly the hotline: 0049 (0)1806 853 953 (0.20 €/call German landlines, max. 0.60 €/mobile call). 

    As at: 10 November 2023